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014 – The mouth who ate other’s food was soft, the hand that took other’s possession was short [1]

Feng Ming suddenly revealed an expression of loss.

“I was hasty,” he said sadly.

Also, in such a situation, who would easily believe a stranger?

The boy had a delicate and beautiful appearance, as pure and good-hearted as the neighbor’s younger brother [2]. He bowed his head and showed disappointment. It easily aroused the sympathy of others, thus to change their minds.

It was a pity that Liang Yifei only followed Xie-ge’s lead, and Chen Huihui had no right to speak for she was also rescued, because Xie Chian was a killer of emotion.

The three people who should have cooperated with Feng Ming’s performance ignored it.

Feng Ming covered his face with the music score, concealing his eager anticipation. He felt the blood all over his body boiling, clamoring to kill this well-matched opponent. He wanted to see the calmness of the boy’s eyes being broken, showing a look of despair and fear. That must be very beautiful.

That would definitely be his most perfect artwork.

It was really challenging.

As the sun began to sink, Xie Chian propped up one leg and used his arm as a pillow supporting his head. He was a little sleepy.

Liang Yifei closed the door and locked it. He spent his time together with Chen Huihui. They didn’t expect that Xie Chian could be so careless. At this time, he could still sleep. Not to mention that there was a stranger present in the room.

Although the boy looked harmless.

But Xie-ge had an innocent appearance! Wasn’t his combat power able to explode things?

They were nervous here. They looked at Feng Ming, as this one also fell asleep on the piano cover unsuspectingly.

……Were good looks directly proportional to boldness?


Tong Yihui hid in the trash can after eating the bread carelessly, and then he sneaked back to the small supermarket.

He didn’t know where Teacher Deng was now. After thinking about it, he could only look for her here first.

All the way, he hid here and there. He was cautious, for he feared being spotted.

Fortunately, he arrived safely in the end.

There were no people in the small supermarket. Tong Yihui looked around and walked to the inside while crouching.

It could be seen that the warehouse door had been pounded hard. There were deep marks on the door panel, but it was still stubbornly holding on.

A half-assed project had a victory over a crowd on the campus.

Teacher Deng was not here.

Tong Yihui was about to leave disappointedly when conversing voices were suddenly heard outside.

Someone came in.

Tong Yihui squatted down and hid behind a shelf, using those messy boxes to block him from view.

The people who came in were the vice-principal and Teacher Wang.

Teacher Wang was the teaching director of the third year, so Tong Yihui didn’t know her. However, Tong Yihui was familiar with the voice of the vice-principal who spoke under the national flag every other day.

“Did you really bring the key?”

“Here, it’s on me.”

“Let’s reach an agreement first, opening the door can wait. Give me half of the contents.”

“I know, I know, you have said this several times?”

“I’m still worried about your family’s wife. You’ll give me her share, can she just forget it? Won’t she come to me and snatch it?”

“Don’t worry, she can’t settle the account with you.”

“What do you mean?”

The vice-principal looked around and lowered his voice: “She’s dead.”

“Dead?!” The woman’s tone rose sharply, “How did she die?”

The two walked as they talked. Tong Yihui watched them closely through the gap in the shelf, squatting and moving away as the two moved. As he saw that they were about to reach the shelf where he hid, Tong Yihui quickly stood up slightly. He crouched towards another shelf.

The next second, a pair of high-heeled shoes stopped in the place where Tong Yihui had been.

He was almost discovered.

Tong Yihui’s heart pounded. He forced himself to calm down and then began to think about what they had meant.

Dead? Who had died? They mentioned the key, and the woman said your family’s wife, could it be––

Tong Yihui’s eyes widened suddenly.

“Shh, say it softly!” The vice-principal hurried to cover Teacher Wang’s mouth.

“What are you afraid of? There’s no one else here.” Teacher Wang muttered.

Tong Yihui noiselessly back away a bit.

His mind was a little chaotic now.

“Dead is dead, were there still few dead in the school? You yourself said that,” Teacher Wang saw the vice-principal’s gloomy face and bluffed, “Why is your face becoming this ugly? Was it that… Deng Lijuan, you killed her?”

“Shut up!” The vice-principal was poked in the right mark and became irritated. “If it wasn’t because you urged me to snatch the key, I wouldn’t have accidentally pushed the woman down the stairs that she fell to death! If investigated by the outside people, you are also responsible for this. We are in the same boat now.” [3]

He was still smart. He didn’t admit that he had deliberately killed someone. He concealed the fact that Teacher Deng was tortured and killed by him after she was still alive in the time after she fell.

“Snatch? I asked you to steal and deceive, who knew that you could kill people! I’m telling you that this had nothing to do with me,” Teacher Wang immediately cleared responsibility.

“You want to stay out of the matter? Okay, don’t eat if you are can.”

“You bastard, when you were sleeping with the old woman––what was that sound?”

It was Tong Yihui. He accidentally dropped a box of toothpaste on the shelf to the floor in panic and was noticed.

Tong Yihui covered his mouth and got up. He slammed open the back door of the small supermarket and ran wildly.

The cold wind blew and his face hurt.

There were tears in those starry eyes.

When Xie Chian woke up, he saw the clock hanging above the blackboard. It was already past five. The sky outside was overcast.

High school had a strict study time. There was a clock in every classroom. Even the music classroom was equipped with one.

Xie Chian didn’t quite understand why.

After all, there was no music class in the third year of high school. The music classroom had always been for decoration.

Xie Chian turned his head again. He saw Liang Yifei and Chen Huihui [4] staring at him with their eyes.

Xie Chian was a little lost: “What did I do that you’re looking at me?”

Liang Yifei whispered: “We’re not looking at you, we just don’t know what we should do.”

Not everyone dared to sleep in a coma like these two.

Xie Chian glanced at the piano. Feng Ming was sleeping peacefully on its cover.

His chin that rested on the chair for a whole afternoon was a bit sore. Xie Chian got up and moved around.

Feng Ming seemed to feel something happening over there and woke up.

“What time is it?” He didn’t seem to be awake yet, so he asked in a daze.

Chen Huihui replied: “Five twenty.”

“Huh?” Feng Ming whispered, “It’s time for dinner…”

When he said that, everyone present felt a little hungry.

Xie Chian was okay. His appetite was fortunately not big. He only ate a piece of bread in the afternoon, but he was not very hungry now.

Liang Yifei’s appetite was more than twice that of Xie Chian, and now he feels a little empty. Chen Huihui touched her belly. She didn’t eat lunch, and breakfast was left over from yesterday…

Liang Yifei still had some food in his pocket, but in front of Feng Ming, he did not dare to take it out casually.

Who knew what he’d think if he saw it? At this moment, food was life, one won’t be able to stand the temptation.

Liang Yifei maintained his defensive heart.

None of the three of them answered. Feng Ming took a black one-shoulder bag under the piano. He opened the zipper, took out a few small cakes, and placed it on the piano cover without any hesitation.

He also raised his head and asked the three of them: “Do you want it?”

Liang Yifei was ashamed for an instant. He felt that he was saving the stomach of a gentleman with a villain’s heart.

Chen Huihui had some desire in her eyes. She was indeed hungry.

Xie Chian asked: “Giving it to us, do you still have enough?”

“I have enough,” Feng Ming showed them a bag full of small cakes, “Enough to eat for a long time.”

Liang Yifei was speechless: “So many?”

“Yes. I like small cakes.” Feng Ming took a bite of the fluffy cake and swallowed, “I’m too lazy to go to the supermarket often, so I buy a lot of stocks every Monday.”

Chen Huihui was not surprised at all.

Feng Ming liked to eat sweets, especially cakes. This was no secret.

It was an internal message sent by the girls in Class 9. The name of other’s colleagues thought that Feng Ming’s setting had immediately added a food attribute. [5] The sunny and beautiful boy who liked sweets had poked the cuteness level of many girls.

Xie Chian came over and took three cakes without any kind of politeness: “Thanks.”

He walked back and threw a piece each to Liang Yifei and Chen Huihui.

Liang Yifei was a little embarrassed. How could he take from others returning nothing?

Seeing Xie Chian take the cake, Feng Ming smiled sincerely and his eyes showed an expression of looking forward: “Since you took my cake, can you bring me along?”

The mouth who ate other’s food was soft, the hand that took other’s possession was short. [6]

Liang Yifei began to help Feng Ming: “Xie-ge, would you like to… bring another person?”

Xie Chian sat back on the chair and ate the cake slowly: “Okay.”

It was better to take him around and watch him than let him out to harm others.

Xie Chian was unexpectedly cool in his agreement this time, stunning Liang Yifei.

Can Xie-ge also be brought by a piece of cake?

The sky was getting dark outside the window.

There was no light in the music classroom.

Xie Chian slept during the day so he was still awake at night. Feng Ming was the same.

Liang Yifei and Chen Huihui’s heads dropped bit by bit, a bit unsupported.

In the darkness and silence, there was no sense of time.

The hour hand pointed to nine o’clock.

The sound of the broadcast sounded again.

“The game ends for the second day. The number of surviving people is 1,776.”

…208 people died today.

It was nearly 10 times more than the 24 people yesterday.

On Tuesday, when people weren’t hungry to the extreme, just a little stimulus from the outside caused a mass killing.

By tomorrow, people will be even hungrier. Coupled with the threat of the three-day time limit, more people will break their bottom lines.

Liang Yifei and Chen Huihui were a little sleepy at first, but they became sober after hearing the broadcast.

208 people…

In only one day. So many people died.

What about tomorrow? What about after tomorrow?

Too desperate.

This data really was making people fall into despair.

Chen Huihui gritted her teeth and tried her best to suppress crying.

Liang Yifei’s eyes were dull, like a fool.

The reactions of these two people were the reactions of most people in the school.

Following these two, it was an example.

No one could see his expression in the dark. Xie Chian yawned lazily and supported his chin as if he hadn’t heard the broadcast.

Although his brain was awake, his good biological clock urged him to sleep.

Feng Ming’s face hidden in the darkness showed a trace of disappointment.

Yes, he was disappointed.

Only 208 people… He and Situ Yue alone contributed a lot.


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Genie’s note: I fixed Chapter 11 for Teacher Wang’s pronouns… I was under the impression that she was a man due to the translation of Google QAQ


[1] It’s literally “The mouth who ate other’s [food] was short, the hand that took other’s [possession] was soft.” Actually, I don’t know if the author got confused. The soft and short were interchanged, and without those words in the bracket.

I used the one I researched though. This is a proverb “The mouth that eats the food of others is softened; the hand that takes the possessions of others is shortened.”

[2] This is similar to “boy next door” I think.

[3] It’s an idiom which has the literal meaning of “like locusts tied to one rope.”

[4] The author wrote Zhou Huihui…. r.i.p. Zhou Yiyan…

[5] I was so lost translating this… I don’t even know if this was right, but I got the answer from baidu

[6] This phrase is similar to the title. It means that once you got things from others, it will be hard to reject the person once he/she will ask for favors. Taken from

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